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I used and got disappointed by a competitive product which was too slow and too complex to upload photos. I started looking around, and saw good reviews by users on chassimages.com forum. This time I wanted something quick, easy, and possibly multi-languages (members of my family are native speakers of french, english, spanish). I also like the basic security that allows to set whom or which group can see a folder. Simple to use, simple to configure, and very reactive technical support. All what I can say is that I am happy with piwigo.

photo Christian Mangeot, Amateur Photographer, USA

An excellent service, at a very reasonable price. They are also always willing to answer questions for help and advice, which is done very quickly. I highly recommend them.

photo Charles Baldwin, Transportation collection, United Kingdom

I have so many good things to say about Piwigo, but in a time where you find other websites discontinuing their tech support or farming it out to India, Piwigo support is always there to provide an answer quickly. They consistently go above & beyond the call of duty. It is "customer service" at its Best! The software itself is always available & easy to use once you become familiar with it. There is no limit to how many photos you can upload, our site has 13,000+ photos. And, the price is right, very reasonable for all the many features that are provided. I highly recommend Piwigo. Thank You Pierrick for a wonderful site!

photo Pat King, Jewellery club, USA

I have had a Piwigo web site since 2011. Search engines seem to be able to find my site much easier than my old fotopic site as I receive some six times the daily page views as I did with fotopic. When I have had the odd tech query with piwigo I have always received a quick response. All in all piwigo is an excellent host.

photo Keith Till, Malta Bus Archive, United Kingdom

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